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Are rising food costs getting the best of you? Is sourcing and preparing the healthiest foods a tribulation? Is food waste a weekly heartache? The Wild About School Food Blog is here to help you with some of the key challenges of your busy and demanding job.

  • Reducing Serving Costs: Get the inside scoop on ways to stretch your commodity food dollars
  • Improving Student Participation: Access proven school recipes that students love
  • Addressing Operational Concerns: Get easy-to-serve bulk recipes, using limited ingredients
  • Delivering Health and Nutrition: Meet USDA guidelines and get the credit you deserve

There’s a fruit revolution going on…you should be a part of it

If you could ….

find a fruit that costs only 12 cents per serving and make it the star of your menu…
substitute a conventional fruit with a fruit packed with bold flavor….
add pizzazz to your savory and sweet dishes…
increase the nutrition density of your menu…
innovate with one of our nation’s original crops…

Would you go Wild?

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Base Sauce Basics

Using flexible base sauces saves you time, energy and money. Transform a one day special into three days of school food favorites. Choose your Wild Blueberry base sauce and see how easy it is to make the week’s menu go WILD!

Sweet Base Fruit Sauce button

Savory Base Dipping Sauce button

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