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Healthy Foods Drive Consumer Dining Choices

The Wild Blueberry’s great taste and beautiful hue have made it a favorite of chefs and foodies alike. But it’s the brain-boosting, disease-fighting benefits that give Wild Blueberries an appeal that endures long after other food fads fade.

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On-trend Breakfast Flavors Inspire Pastry Chef’s Creativity

While French pastry chefs like Philippe Le Corre traditionally turn out high-style desserts with sophisticated ingredients, it was the humble American breakfast of Wild Blueberry pancakes that inspired Le Corre’s latest innovation, developed for...

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Wild Authenticity - Living Up to Your Brand's Sustainability Promise

In recent years, consumer concern about the environmental impact of food production has risen markedly. That concern encompasses everything from the amount of pesticides, genetically-modified products, and greenhouse-gas emissions involved in the...

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Leading Chefs Put the Spotlight on Flavor Complexity

After decades of dieting and mass-produced food, consumers are clamoring for a tasty alternative. And Wild Blueberries are well positioned to satisfy that hunger.

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Maine Chef David Turin Embraces Wild Blueberries’ Culinary Versatility

Chef David Turin is known for his imaginative menus, his exceptional energy, and his devotion to the industry, in which he has been a leader for more than three decades. Asked to design a multi-course, Wild Blueberry-focused dinner for visiting...

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How Chobani’s Innovators Think About Fruit Flavors

Chobani, a food-focused wellness company and America’s leading Greek Yogurt brand, has turned to the WILD side with its recently released “Chobani® With a Hint of Wild Blueberry” yogurt. This new flavor is part of the company’s “Hint Of” Greek...

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Satisfy Hunger for Good-Tasting Healthy Food with Wild Ingredients

Decades of dieting have left health-conscious consumers ravenous for foods that are close to nature and teeming with flavor.

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Corporate chef explains value of adding “wild" to your menu

Neil Doherty’s cooking career began as a humble kitchen helper at a neo-Gothic castle perched in a quaint farming community in the West of Ireland. Later, he transitioned to a market farm in England where he upped his game.

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Is Your Menu Earth – and Water – Friendly?

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America

Today’s sustainability movement takes many of its cues from natural systems to produce food that is economically, environmentally, and socially responsible – and recognizes that humans are...

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The TODAY Show picks top 3 longevity foods. Can you guess what they are?

The TODAY Show searched the world for the top superfoods that enhance and prolong longevity.  They narrowed it down to three finalists and we were pretty excited to learn what they were. Olive oil from Cypress in the Eastern Mediterranean, rye...

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